Winter Nurture Workshop

The weather is turning colder, the nights are drawing in & we are definitely moving towards Winter here in the UK. For me, thoughts turn to the season’s associated Element, Water, & focusing on nurturing & topping up that energy.

It is such an important & potent time in which to focus our energies inwards on ourselves, despite all the impending Christmas craziness. With that in mind, self-love guru & gypsetter Vienda Maria, & I, have put together a very exclusive workshop to explore exactly what that means for you & HOW to nurture yourself this Winter.


Winter Nurture Workshop


Sunday 8th December, 11am – 4pm

Violet Hill Studios, London, NW8 9EB


It is a gentle & loving workshop for women wanting to explore new ways of living & nourishing themselves. Learn how to use the Winter months to replenish, recalibrate & consolidate your energy, through self-love, nutrition & holistic health, with a good dose of Chinese Medicine wisdom thrown in for good measure.


What to expect from me:

+ You will learn about the Five Elements in Chinese Medicine & their seasonal links.

+ You will understand more about why Winter is THE season for self-care & nurture.

+ You will get clear on why it is so important to live in sync with the seasons & be mindful of your energetic health during Winter.

+ You will discover how the food we eat can affect us, our bodies and energy levels.

+ You will gain insights into Chinese Food Energetics so you can make the best choices for you and your body, during the Winter, & for the rest of the year – we are all different!

+ Learn more about Qi, energy & how viewing the world from a Chinese Medicine perspective can bring a whole new way of positive & healthy living.


Vienda’s promises:

+ You will get crystal clear on where you’re at in your life right now, what’s missing and how fulfil your dreams, to bring more balance, more harmony and more joy into every day.

+ You will explore different ways to make time for yourself, and why it’s important to put yourself first. Always. No matter what.

+ You will write your own letter to the universe. Exactly how to word it, what to say and why it works. And then you’ll get you very own email address to send it to. Because the universe is always listening.

+ You will prepare your own sweet chocolate treats. That are actually really good for you!



Registration for the WINTER NURTURE WORKSHOP is priced at £75 for the day – 5 hours of gentle nurturing energy, Chinese Medicine goodness, self-love celebration, & a whole lot of learning about yourself! Also includes lunch, sweet treats, goodie bag & a special workbook containing the gems taught throughout the day.

There are a very limited number of places, so don’t delay – book your spot here now!

We are VERY much looking forward to meeting you & spending some gorgeously nourishing time with you – it’s going to be wonderful! ❤


© Rhiannon Griffiths 2013

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