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Just a quick post to announce a VERY new, VERY limited edition offer of coaching with me!


As many of you know, I am an acupuncturist and have been in practice for 5 years, and I ADORE what I do – I LOVE being in clinic with my patients, hearing what is going on in their lives, helping them with their challenges, talking stuff through, supporting them emotionally, boosting physical health, and increasing their overall level of wellness. But this is only in the UK, and only really in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, when people can come visit me in clinic.

And I KNOW there are so many more people who want the GOODNESS of Chinese Medicine wisdom in their lives, WHEREVER they live in the world – and this is why I am formulating an AMAZING online offering which takes all these goodies to a WORLDWIDE audience! Yay! See below for all the details, and please share with anyone you feel would benefit now!

Looking forward to working with you!

Sending goodness

Rhiannon x


Coaching package worth over £350, buy NOW for £150 – better than half price, one-off, limited edition offer!

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Special offer closes midnight on Wednesday 31st July 2013 GMT.

Take advantage of this limited edition offer of one-to-one coaching with Rhiannon, wherever you are based in the world! If you have wanted to work with Rhiannon, but haven’t been local enough to attend her acupuncture clinics, NOW is your chance to gain Chinese Medicine wisdom, have one-to-one support, break through those energetic barriers that are holding you back, increase your wellness, and transform your life!


What do you get:

+ 1st session is a 2hr ‘Full Traditional Diagnosis’ as done in clinic with acupuncture patients

+ Guidance on health, lifestyle & dietary advice, based on Chinese Medicine theory to improve wellness

+ 3 additional online coaching sessions, of 45 mins each, over 2 months

+ email support


This kind of coaching may be for you if:

+ You tend to fall into the same habits, emotions, or patterns of behaviour & don’t know why

+ You have tried traditional coaching, but there seems to be something else blocking you

+ You want guidance in both physical & emotional wellness based in Chinese Medicine


There are a VERY limited number of spaces available on this special offer, and you must sign up before midnight (GMT) on Wednesday 31st July 2013.

Click here to invest now

Any questions or queries, please get in touch at info@rhiannongriffiths.com


© Rhiannon Griffiths 2013

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All of the Sweetness, None of the Sugar

So I seem to have overdosed on Christmas movies in the last couple of weeks! (Hence the gap in writing the blog – the intention was there, but the Christmassy procrastination / hibernation reigned supreme!).

Having found that “Movies 24” changes to “Christmas 24” from the 1st December, there is a veritable feast of cheesy, sickly sweet, American straight-to-TV Christmas films that start every hour on the hour – a one-stop-shop for festive merriment of baking and icing gingerbread men, threading popcorn for the tree, singing carols around the piano (how come everyone can always sing in tune, and there is always someone who plays beautifully?!)…

That heart-warming, fuzzy, contented feeling that comes after seeing the happy ending, where the couple finally get together underneath mistletoe, or the family are reunited (after facing potential misery) beside the giant sparkly Christmas tree covered in snow, as happy shiny people in brightly coloured scarves, hats and ear muffs skate behind them in the background shot – it not only boosts our Fire Elements (the Heart, and emotions of jolly joy and warmth, about happy socialising and people), but the stories feed the Earth Element, nourishing the Spleen (Earth organ).

The Earth Element is all about nourishing, mothering, home-making, feeling centered and grounded, bringing family and communities together, with sympathy, understanding and looking after each other in the sweetest, most supportive way. The virtues of Earth are about care of others, putting others before yourself, a love of family, food, and the home (we won’t dwell on the vices of Earth in this post – that’s just not festive!!). The over-the-top niceness and sweetness that comes in these movies portrays this Element perfectly – so much so that my Wood CF sister cannot sit through them without getting impatient… I however, adore them – the cheesier the music, the more predictable, more magical, more sticky-sickly-sweet the better!! It really does satisfy my Spleen’s craving for sugary loveliness. The Spleen loves sugar, and when imbalanced (to any degree, slightly or hugely), causes us to crave (and eat!) more sugary things like cake and biscuits…

It is also no surprise that these types of films can be called “cheesy” as the Spleen also loves cheese and dairy – though, as described previously, depending on your constitution, cheese may not love your Spleen! It can cause phlegm to build up in the body, creating symptoms like a blocked nose, increased snoring, catarrh in the throat, heavy limbs, or a muzzy head – I treat this in the clinic a lot, especially after all the consumption of Christmas Cheese boards! Cheese hates me, but I can get my fix of sticky, milky, satisfying cheesiness from these films, without compromising my health! And an unblocked nose is always a bonus at Christmas!!

Supporting the Earth Elements (Stomach and Spleen) can reduce cravings of sugar or dairy, and acupuncture certainly does this by boosting the function of these organs. But you can support your own Spleen at home, at this time of the year, by nourishing it in a more abstract way – not with actual food, but with “food” for the spirit of the Element. So if you go to reach for another mince pie, or a Christmas Tree shaped cookie, why not stick a Christmas movie on instead, and get all of that delicious sweetness, but none of the actual sugar! Holistic health in the holidays! Enjoy!


© Rhiannon Griffiths 2011

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Welcome to the new blog – check out the about page, to understand the premise of this blog, and the kind of information you can expect to read here over the coming months…

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