Announcing Awesome Aussies!

I am SO excited to announce my new blog series called “Awesome Aussies”, chronicling the powerful health messages of all the beautiful creatures I met on my travels in Australia.

awesome aussies

Many of these women, that I met in real life for the first time in March, initially crossed my path in cyberspace during Connie Chapman’s 90 Day Transformation Project at the end of 2012. During our 3 months together, working on our fears and limiting beliefs, amplifying our dreams, ambitions and magic, we became incredibly close & it was a very natural extension of those friendships to meet up face-to-face on my trip. Many people asked if it was weird, or if I was apprehensive about it – my answer, a resounding no – it was just as though we had seen each other for a green smoothie, a veggie juice or a cup of tea last week! Every meeting was joyous, and each one brought something beautiful, unique and memorable to my travels.

awesome aussies pic

These women are so kindred to me, we are on the same wavelength, and are stepping along the same path… it is amazing to be talking to them all again on Skype! I’m keeping the Aussie magic alive, even though I am now back in the UK!

Here are some of the fabulous sparkling diamonds I will be chatting to:


+ Connie Chapman – a Life of Perfect Days &

+ Krys Hansen – Practise Wellness

+ Shakti Grace – The Holistic Chef Australia

+ Jia Ni Teo – Happy, Healthy, Abundant

+ Alison Morgan – Relauncher

+ Sammy Armstrong – Happy Family, Healthy Family

+ Fehreen Ali – Ayurvedic Teaologist at Tea Coup

+ Bridget Jane Thompson – New Leaf Nutrition

+ Kimberly Smith – Inspired to Sing & Dream, Delight, Inspire


And a whole host of other gorgeous women that I sadly didn’t have a chance to catch up with in person due to clashes in diaries, work commitments, the fact I was only in Aus for a month, and so on…

First video coming THIS WEEK – check out my online spaces (via the links below) to make sure you don’t miss out on all the holistic health wisdom!


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12 thoughts on “Announcing Awesome Aussies!

  1. OMG! I can’t wait! How cool of you to do this and a blessing to meet those lovely women we connected with during the project. You are such an inspiration and beam of light. XOXO

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